The Architect’s Blog

I’m discovering that blogging is harder than it seems. What could be so hard about writing a few lines every couple of days about a profession with seemingly endless topics? Is it that many of the topics I consider would only be interesting to other architects?

It certainly seems to be a theme in our profession. Just speak or write a bunch of big words that no one has the slightest idea what you are talking about and you may just be considered an architectural expert. Case in point, I was reading a “crit” by a Columbia University Professor in Architecture Magazine the other day and realized that Architects really just enjoy talking to other Architects. Who else could possibly understand (maybe I should say, “want” to understand) the following excerpt regarding a new addition to Milstein Hall at Columbia designed by OMA.

“It is to experience something of a heteropticon or peripateticon, in which moving eyes and feet on nearby bridge and stair and elevator all offer felicitous encounter and interrupting incident.”

What? Maybe I’m not even an Architect because I struggle to understand this. Actually I had to look up a couple of the words in the dictionary! So as I continue my quest to conquer the blogosphere, I remain committed in my search for ideas to write about and I promise to avoid words which require a dictionary for interpretation.

Hmmm, that makes me think, maybe I should consider discussing my maturation of an architectural pedagogy…………