The Beauty of New England

New England has always been at home with architectural innovation.  Our towns and farmland have some of the handsomest native architecture in the world – beautiful and eminently practical.

More recently, some of the world’s greatest modern architects – people like Walter Gropius, Philip Johnson and the “Harvard Five” who settled in and around New Canaan have added their contributions to this rich heritage.

We love the modernists and many of their designs.  Certainly their open and flowing approach to interior space has changed the way we live and raised our expectations.

We believe in designs that have their roots in the past.  Because if a design is strong enough to withstand the test of time (and Northeastern winters) it must have something going for it.

That doesn’t mean ignoring the present or the future . . . just the opposite.

Modern materials and designs make it even easier to build in a timeless way and ensure that the people who live and work in our buildings are comfortable for generations to come.  We take the best of modernists and combine it with the wisdom of New England tradition to create structures that are as graceful as they are innovative.