Photos: Dan Lenore

Ridgebury Barn

This New England style building sits on a five-acre horse farm whose main historic house dates back to the 1700s when it doubled as a stagecoach stop and inn. The new multi-use structure draws its historic architectural exterior details from the main building to ensure that its design be harmonious with the surrounding farmland. The utilitarian first floor consists of a two-car garage, a farm equipment garage and a small shop. A covered porch faces (and is inside the fence of) one of the horse pastures allowing the homeowners to sit in rocking chairs and imagine what the property might have been like years ago.

  • Rustic barn construction
  • Working jewelry/ceramics artisan studio
  • Stair hall open to second floor
  • Roof monitor for natural light
  • Natural wood and bluestone
  • Visually connected open interior spaces
  • Victorian style cupolas